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Saturday, 6 September 2014

When you know your core values… things can start to make sense!

Going through the process to work out what your top 3 core values are can help make sense of why things are working (or not working) in both your professional and personal lives.  Sounds simple but have you ever taken some time to concretely work them out?
Your values are deeply held personal beliefs of what is truly important to you and living your values can help you realize deep connectivity and purpose.  Values come from family background, role models, priorities under pressure, religious or spiritual beliefs and life events.  They give a deep sense of safety, hope and renewal. 
When you are in an environment where things aren’t working, it’s likely that one or more of your core values are being compromised.  If you know your values, then you know what to look for in new situations (and what might need changing in your current situations).    For example, if my number one value is integrity and you say one thing, but then do another…  it’s never going to work.
A great book that can help you go through this process is ‘Bury my heart at conference room B’ by Stan Slap.   It’s primarily a business book but crosses nicely into personal as well. 


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