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Sunday, 31 August 2014

The Magic of boredom - a great article from 'The Magic Onions' website


A great article from 'The Magic Onions' website:
We have it wrong.  Being bored is good for our children.  We are not being good parents by making sure our children are constantly busy.  We are, in fact doing our kids a disservice.  We are keeping something really amazing from them.   For it is after these dreaded declarations of boredom that our children tap into something magical... It is after they've travelled through the discomfort of having nothing to do, after they have flopped onto the couch in dismay and stared out of the window at the rustling leaves.  It is after this emptying of their minds that wonderful imaginings come to them.  Beautiful unique thoughts and ideas.  This is when they find their creativity... and imagination and inspiration.  It's amazing to watch.  Being bored is infinitely good for our children.

Read the full article from 'The Magic Onions' here...

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